August 7, 2018

To Whom It May Concern;

I have worked with Bekki Cox of BC Accounting for over 3 years. I have found her to be professional, knowledgeable and efficient. She is approachable, quick to return phone calls and able to explain complex topics in a way that is understandable to non-financial types such as myself.
Bekki has been invaluable in working with the IRS to put a payment plan in place for past due amounts. Without her help, I would not have been able to put the necessary supporting information together to make a complete, comprehensive presentation to the IRS, which resulted in reduced penalties and a manageable payment plan.
Bekki has also worked tirelessly to clean up past years of outstanding federal income taxes for both the business and the sole proprietor’s personal accounts. She has helped me set up online accounts for paying state and federal employee tax withholdings and L&I payments to streamline our company’s processes. She has provided expert advice on how to make changes to the company to increase profitability and long term stability.
I whole-heartedly recommend Bekki to anyone needing accounting and tax services.


Douglas Manuel
Office Director
Dr. Michele K Coleman & Associates, Inc.